Travelers is currently helping customers recover from the current wildfires. Our catastrophe response teams are available throughout the area, offering immediate claim assistance and the service you expect.

If you have experienced damage or loss, you can contact Travelers:


• https://www.travelers.com/claims/report-claim/index.aspx • Travelers mobile app or myTravelers

By phone:

• Personal Insurance - 1.800.CLAIM33 (1.800.252.4633) • Business Insurance - 1.800.238.6225

In addition, if you have been evacuated, they can contact us with questions about the claim process. This includes questions they may have about receiving advance payments for additional living expenses, such as hotel or temporary housing costs. If eligible, you can receive those payments quickly through our ePay service.

Travelers has set up Operations Centers at the following locations:
2801 Notre Dame Blvd, Chico, CA 95928 –Map It
Hilton Woodland Hills, 6360 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 – Map It

There, you can:
Speak directly to one of our Claim professionals
Begin the claim process, or receive assistance with an existing claim Receive an advance on a covered loss

One of our Mobile Claim Offices is currently en route to the area to offer further assistance. Once it arrives, the location of the Mobile Claim Office will be posted on a special Emergency Response page. On that page you’ll also find up-to-date claim reporting information and other safety resources.

Suspension of Binding Authority

As a reminder, with some severe events, one or more of our business units may suspend binding authority. You can find updates on suspension of binding authority by logging onto the “For Agents” section of our website. 



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